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Grow A Jungle At Home

Grow Healthy Mushrooms

Harvest A Bigger Garden

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We make smart grow gear for houseplants to help you grow your own jungle. Grow the biggest, healthiest indoor plants easily.


Grow an endless supply of mushrooms from the comfort of your home. Our smart mushroom chambers will make it simple.

Lawn & Gardens

Rain or shine, deliver precisely what your lawn and garden needs with our smart solutions. Grow more with less water waste.

Smart Mushroom Grow Chamber

Grow Mushrooms Easy

The Smart Mushroom Grow Chamber makes growing mushrooms at home easy. You can cultivate everything from health-boosting medicinal mushrooms like reishi and cordyceps to gourmet favorites such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

Smart Soil Moisture Sensor

Grow Healthier Plants

Learn to speak plant with our Smart Soil Moisture Sensor. Your plants will send a notification to your phone when they're thirsty. You will never over or under water your plants again.

Smart Lawn & Garden Faucet

Grow Healthier Lawn & Gardens

Experience precision watering with our Smart Lawn & Garden Faucet. It works seamlessly with our soil moisture sensors, delivering just the right amount of water to each part of your yard. Enjoy a lush, thriving garden while conserving water effortlessly.